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In the digital marketing ecosystem, content and social media are the two most significant channels to scale reach.

As majority of the online publishers, bloggers and companies recognize the importance of social media widgets to make their content more attractive, one critical problem surges while embedding third party content.

If the creator deletes the post, the widgets will show an error message… This results in content looking unsexy, users bounce, traffic drops, acquisition costs increase and that leads to less reach, less media worth and ultimately to less sales.

This is where Fixwidgets comes into play. Fixwidgets helps publishers keeping social media embeddings functional at scale and save publishers hundreds of hours searching for broken widgets manually.

Taking advantage of social media widgets can engage users, increase retention rate and make any website much more functional.

? Great Content  =  ? Happy Users  =  ? More Traffic

Fixwidgets is made by publishers, to publishers. We understand the challenge by experience.

Signup for a free trial here. The first 100 webpages are for free. Give it a try!

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